Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Fabric Patterns

More soft-flannel fabrics for baby blankets! The solids I have paired up with the prints are just my suggestions, please let me know if you'd rather have a different color. I won't make these blankets until they're ordered, just in case you'd like to have it personalized. All blankets are 42 x 36.
Sailing Away with brown

Puppies in Squares with brownAn up close look at Puppies in Squares

Swinging Monkey on brown

Modern Monkey with bright yellow

An up close look at Modern Monkey

Night Owl with butter yellow

An up close look at Night Owl

Lots of love with bubble gum pink

Paisley Hearts with bright pink
An up close look at Paisley Hearts

Letter Bags

I had an order for Christmas bags for teacher gifts and I decided to make my own gifts with such a great idea! I bought the reusable, sturdy bags from Pier I and then embroidered a large, curly letter on one side.
This bag is super durable! I take it everywhere and love that it's water resistant and can hold lots of goodies.

If you'd like to order a bag, I have plenty on hand. Just pick the letter you'd like to personalize the bag with, along with color of thread. Personalized bags are $10.

Monday, January 4, 2010

T-shirt Blanket + Border

I'm excited to post this great t-shirt blanket! You can tell in the pictures that I took them on desks at school. One of my classes came in as I was finishing up the pictures and the boys were fascinated with the blanket. I'm not sure it their interest stemmed from the content of the blanket, baseball, but they were all very complimentary.

This blanket uses 36 shirts and will cover a queen sized bed.
The sleek border and back use the same material, stacked baseballs.
The border is perfect for a guy's blanket, or to make any blanket less feminine.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Updated inventory, ready for Christmas

Instead of going back to all of my previous blog posts and updating them, I decided to make a new post on the inventory I have ready to go. I still have a wide variety of snuggle fabrics ready to be made with or without a name ($17 with personalization, $12 without). Or if you have an idea for a theme, I'll try my best to track down the right fabrics and make it for you.

Snugglies are each a little different size $12:

Burp cloths so cute you wish they weren't spit up on:
These three burp cloths are singles, a simple addition to a cute gift, $4.

Gender neutral, modern circles, make a cute pair for any baby gift.

The soft jersey brown will be super soft on baby's face. Vertical camo even makes dad feel comfortable.

Football season isn't over! I have plenty of burp cloths with the stacked footballs, if you're not a Texans fan, $8/pair.

All bib and 2 burp cloth combos are $12:

These cartoon dinosaurs are more fun than scary. Both burp cloths are lined vertically, one a white cloth and the other red. The lime green bib completes the combo.

The perfect combo to start and finish the race of eating. Both burp cloths are lined horizontally at each end! With an orange bib to finish it up.

The brown and orange paisley add a touch of feminine to such warm colors. The burp cloth lined horizontally is lined at both ends.

The berries and butterflies are spread all over this combo.

These three blankets are made of snuggle flannel and measure 36"x45". A great blanket to grow with a baby to the toddler years, $12:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Baby Gift

I'm headed to a baby shower tomorrow and I'm so excited for my gift for my sweet friend, soon-to-be mommy to Massimo (Max).
I decided to stick to a brown and blue them, centered around dogs
a duo of burp cloths

Precious! I love the puppies with coordinating blue gingham and chocolate stitching.
Now I can't wait to meet Max!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blankets Made to Order

Hey diddle diddle backed with yellow gingham
a gender neutral blanket with baby's name in brown on the yellow gingham

Blue flowers galore!
Baby girl's name would look super sweet in dark blue.

Space Travel backed with dotted oranged. A little man's name in navy on orange would be out of this world!

Cute as a Cupcakde backed with bright pink. Her sweet name would be perfect in brown or lime green against the pink background.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More to LOVE!!!

More snuggle blankets with ribbons to LOVE!!!

Blast Off!
12" x 13.5"

Blast Off! backed with First Words

Both fabrics are super-soft baby flannel

She's a Lady-Bug
14.5" x 9.5"

Lady-Bug snuggle flannel backed with bright pink silky

If you'd like an initial or name on the bright pink, just let me know!

Giddy Up Partner
11.5" x 10.5"

Giddy Up backed with blue bandana

Both fabrics are super-soft baby flannel